Pinduino Update

It's been a while since my last post about the Pinduino project. It's continuing to evolve into a full featured device even though progress has been slower than I had originally hoped. The hardware portion has seen some recent changes with a new microcontoller (Teensy 3.6) that required an update to the MPU board. The Teensy 3.6 has a built-in micro SD card reader and a DAC for audio playback so theres no need for an additional sound board for audio processing, thanks to The Ben Heck Show for the inspiration. The I/O Driver board has also been revised to better connect to any Williams System 3-7 machine with no modifications to the existing game. Another addition is a power adapter board so that the original Williams power supply can be used. I'm currently waiting for the new boards to arrive for testing.

The Arduino library has also been revised to work with the new microcontoller. I've also began splitting each class into it's own file so the project will be easier to edit and maintain in the future. A basic sound class has been implemented allowing background music and sound effects to be played simultaneously.

Once the new boards and library have been tested the GitHub repository will be updated.

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