Jurassic Park Pinball | Mods & Upgrades - Part 1

I spent a lot of time playing Jurassic Park pinball in my youth and when I started collecting pinball machines I knew that JP would be my "holy grail" game. I searched for over a year to find one that I could afford and that was within a resonable driving distance but in 2010 I finally found one.

It was definetly not in the best condition but it worked and it was mine. The game had been stored in a barn for a few years and all of the metal parts had rust on them and the bottom front of the cabinet (where is said "Jurassic Park") was broken off. I spent the next few weeks cleaning and reparing the damage and searching for the missing parts. In the end I had a decent looking game but it wasn't enough. In 2013 I found a much nicer condition game so I quickly sold my original game and bought the new one. I have been enjoing it ever since but now its time to dress it up a bit. I'm going to begin with cleaning the game and making minor tweaks to the switches and mecanisams, then I'm going to begin adding mods and upgrades including a ColorDMD, Cliffy Protectors, Loop Combo's JP Scoop light set, and more.

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