Eric Conner

Software DevelopmentElectrical Design


  1. MouseWorld Radio

    MouseWorld Radio

    Disney music from the theme parks you know and love.

  2. Reedy Creek Radio

    Reedy Creek Radio

    The ultimate source for the sounds of the Disney theme parks.

  3. WDW Dining Calculator

    WDW Dining Calculator

    Estimate the cost of dining at Disney World.

  4. Jukebox Card Creator

    Jukebox Card Creator

    Inventory your CD collection and print title cards for Rowe CD jukeboxs.

  5. Home Remote

    Home Remote

    X10 Home Automation Server using Node.JS and a INSTEON PowerLinc Modem.

  6. FreePlay Plus

    FreePlay Plus

    Add Free Play to any arcade game.

  7. Pinduino


    Arduino based pinball control system (hardware & software).

  8. Layla


    A photography/film project for Director Skip Shannon


Eric Conner

Hi , I'm Eric Conner! This is my project portfolio where I share all of my favroite work. When I'm not creating things, I enjoy hiking, camping, and collecting pinball machines.